25Mar, 2019
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Introducing Intigradhost web service provider

When choosing to own a website for business, personal or even blog the task can be some times overwhelming and even in some cases rather complicated, in that case most businesses and even private individuals resort to website attention on the price being offered by various website companies or freelancers. On initial assessment the focus on price as a means of choosing the ideal website that meets your needs seems to be like a smart workaround to the choice of understanding if a particular website design or structure fits with the intended needs of the individual or organization.

There is the old school of thought that if you pay more for your website that means that the business or individual receives a high-quality website but actually if you have been made to believe such mindset then know this that it is further than the truth. A good quality website is one where the bridge of functional/ design understanding between the business or private website owner and the development team is cut to the narrowest possible distance, the narrative of high cost equals higher quality is being propagated by most website development companies to ensure more for less.

That sentiment is not shared by Intigradhost or any of its team members as service is put before profit and customer satisfaction is the  at www.intigradhost.com  , we do acknowledge the facts that most IT website development companies have the issues of over-staffing and a slow flow of project thus prompting the need to charge more for development of a single website but however, Intigradhost does not see the over charging of businesses or private individuals as the solution for such levels of extortion.


Point to consider when planning a website for your business or private purpose

Some people usually consider things like how known is the web development company or how many years of experience has the website developer, some people consider how known if the actual development company or developer within their circle of friends or associates, even some consider the previous work done by the development company or developer, even as stated above some businesses or private individuals consider the price that is being charges, for example if someone was to approach a well-known branded company for website development then $100 000 is justifiable for a five page website. In these cases, the company or private individual ends up paying for the name of the development company, well this means that quality really has nothing to do with it, rather if a business or private individual wants a website developed then it is wise to ask yourself things like:


  1. What do I need the website for on the short and long run?
    Lets say your business has already an established clients base and you need the website just to show your products to prospective clients then even a  five to ten page responsive website will definitely suffice depending on the amount of information that is relevant the key is relating the information that needs to be set out into the world wide web. On the other hand, if a business or individual intends to sell physical or virtual goods online then certain other factors are to be put into consideration like users’ access, secure checkouts, payment gateways and trusted security certificates.  It is  worth to Considering also that  the potential traffic flow of your intended website before deciding on the technology to be used in your website development. Most website developers are quick to offer the so called puzzle website codes like WordPress, joomla or cake PHP as per their own convenience but not actually yours.

  2. How many milestones do I need from my website development company or developer?
    If your website is one with no CMS control in it then you can request a milestone for every page, the reason is that website developers are rather sometimes lazy individuals who lack or are lacking the needed project management discipline because they want to rush it all towards the end delivery date thereby leading to several small but significant errors or misfunctions, bear in mind that most website development companies might try to reduce the request for full milestones as they also cant control the activities of their programmers or are afraid of loosing them by imposing strict discipline on their programmers.

  3. Do you see the possibility of your website content changing on regular basis?
    If a business or private individual wants a website to display constantly evolving products then it will be wise to consider a partial text base CMS that is if your products price always remains constant but if your products prices, brands and models are in a constantly changing then perhaps you might want to consider aa full CMS controlled website.


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